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A Girl’s Weekend Getaway to Napa Valley-Part 1

Hello Everyone!

Spring is officially here! Been battling some personal issues for awhile and I recently took a much-needed Mini Getaway with  my Girl Pals to the Wine Kingdom-‘Napa Valley’.

Just sharing my trip details, if you are looking for some ideas. First off , Napa’s peak tourist season is during Fall -August through October. One of the best times to visit is March through May ,which is typically an off-season. But to my surprise, most of the accommodations were booked on most weekends through May. So thankfully we managed to find a suite at Hampton Inn-Windsor, as we were a group of 5 girls, which was actually pretty good. So I would suggest planning a trip and booking accommodations well in advance or its going to cost you , even during off-season.

Note: Napa has abundant cute traditional B&Bs, however they don’t come cheap. So plan your trip accordingly, based on your preferences!

A lot of you may be aware that Napa has a lot of small countys , that make up the entire region. We planned to visit Calistoga and St. Helena. Our hotel at Windsor, was a — minute ride to Calistoga and — min ride to St.Helena respectively.

Day 1- Calistoga

We drove to Napa Valley from San Francisco and reached there by Friday Night and checked in.

Bright and early on a Saturday Morning we had an early complimentary breakfast at the hotel , got dressed and headed out for the day. We planned to spend the day at Calistoga ,with a Wine Tour and Brunch. We had brunch at Sam’s Social Club, which is a part of Indian Springs Resort (which is also known for its Natural Hot Spring). It is a gorgeous location , with outdoor seating and a huge bonfire type area as well.

It would make a perfect place to have a spa-day with your girls and brunch, even in your robe! (I saw a lot of people doing it- sounds super relaxing doesn’t it?).And the food was delicious! Be sure to try out their Smoked Salmon, Egg-in the hole and their fresh creamy burrata (based on their seasonal menu). All in all this place would make a great location for a romantic dinner date, or a spa vacation with your girl pals, as you enjoy some good food, each other’s company and warm up over a low-key bonfire.

After a good meal we headed out to Castello Di Amorosa  (Castle of love), which was a short drive away. This is one of the popular Wine tours destinations in Napa and we were eager to try it. (Be sure to check their websites and Groupon for deals)

We did the Guided tour which includes a premium wine tasting at their private bars. The tour was about 1 hour 30 mins long and was fun! You get a wholesome Italian experience  in an impressive castle (co-incidentally our tour guide was Italian as well), and the private wine tasting is perfect for a group. With our hearts and head full of good wine, we took a lot of pictures, and explored a bit of downtown Calistoga. We headed back to the hotel, after dinner at a local Pan-Asian restaurant, and ended the day with some more wine and chit-chat.

Therefore my suggestions for a low-key-Girls trip- to Calistoga includes:

  • Spa day at Indian Spring Resort
  • Lunch/Dinner at Sam’s Club
  • Winery tour at the Castello Di Amorosa

Hope you all have wonderful trips this spring/summer ’18!

And watch out for my follow up post on this trip in a Part 2 blogpost. Meanwhile, Enjoy these pics!




Outfit Details
Top: Target, similar option
Skirt : Zara
Shoes : Nordstrom
Bag : Forever 21(old)


























































































































































































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