10 Favorite K-beauty products under 20$

Hello Everyone!

It is hard to believe that it is February already! I want to spend more time for myself, both mentally and physically. So, my theme for this month is focusing on self-care and self-love! We all need it , don’t we?

As I am sitting here thinking of chilling with a face pack ,I am writing this post as a follow-up to my earlier blog post on my top K-beauty websites -here I am listing my top 10 favorite products that I have been using and loving so far, all under 20$!

1. Salicylic Acid Cleanser (8.95$ on Amazon )

Most suited for : Oily/Combination Skin

We all know salicylic is the key ingredient for all acne and blemish troubles. I have a mildly sensitive, combination skin and I breakout now and then. It contains salicylic acid, tea tree oil and is gentle and effective enough for daily use without cracking up your skin. I would recommend following it up with a nice moisturizer for dry skin.

 Shop here.

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2. Etude Sleeping Mask (10.76$ on Amazon)

Most suited for : All skin types

This was a random find and I have fallen in love with it. A sleeping mask is a product that you slap on the face when you are ready for bed and then forget about it in the morning (just kidding!). Typically you can wash it off and wake up to mushy, soft hydrated skin (sounds good right?). This product has a nice bouncy texture,dries matte, has an uplifting cucumber-y mild scent and does a good job of hydrating my skin.

image1 (8)

Shop here and here.

3. Neogen Exfoliating pads (18-19$ on Amazon )

Most used for : all skin types

30 innovative single use, exfoliating pads that are gentle and effective. It comes in Lemon, Green Tea and Wine, for various skin needs. I love the green tea and the wine gauze peels.It can be used for anti-inflammatory and anti-aging purposes and is a two-step exfoliation process . Easy to use and I like how it brightens my texture.

Shop here.

4. Neogen H2 Dermadeca Serum Spray (19$)

derma spray

Most suited for : all skin types

Honestly, I reached for this product because it intrigued me! Never heard of a serum spray before. It functions as a facial hydrating spray as well, and can be used over makeup as well. It feels super refreshing ! Best part? It has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties. Definitely worth a try for dry-er skin.

Shop here.

5. CosRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence (16.67$ on Amazon)

Most suited for : Acne-prone,hyper-pigmented , oily to combination skin

For those of you who are not aware , snail mucin is effective way to cure acne scars and hyper-pigmentation. It definitely helped with mine, after using it religiously for as minimum as 2 weeks. K-beauty sure know what they are doing!


Shop here.

6. Peach slices honey aqua glow (11.99$)

Most suited for : All skin types

I love drugstore finds , and this one just fits the bill. A serum and moisturizer all in one, who doesn’t want it? Its a citrus-y smelling , light moisturizer, and I love how it feels on my skin and does not feel oily. Easily available in any drugstore!


Shop here.

7. Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule (11.70$ on Amazon)

Most suited for : All skin types including sensitive skin

Another snail mucus extravaganza – An ampoule is more intense than a serum. I love this one as it is very effective and good for sensitive skin as it is free of parabens and artificial color. Also has anti-aging properties- A win-win.


Shop here.

8. Peach Slices Acne Patches (4.49$)

Most Suited for: Acne Prone skin


This is a perfect solution to dealing with last-minute breakouts. I didn’t believe it would work at first , but i was pleasantly surprised! These patches can be worn under makeup as well, for that perfect camouflage and treatment all in one. Plus it’s under 5$! A must-have product from the drugstore.

Shop here.

9. Banila Co. Clean it Zero Classic (currently 16$)

Most suited for : Normal to Oily skin

This product has been a cult favorite for the longest time. I happened to come across it before I saw everyone rave about it. This balm-y miracle product feels oily at first but washes off matte, and removes all traces of makeup. I like to follow it up with a cleanser, since I have combination skin. Although there are plenty of other options for sensitive skin and for other benefits like radiance and anti-aging (for 25$), this one is my favorite and is  currently on sale on a lot of websites, which is a good deal.


Shop here.

10. Half Moon eyes Dragon Fruit Pore Remover Triple Set (8.90$)

Most suited for : All skin types; particularly effective for enlarged pores and oily skin.

Love ,love, loveee this mask! This product is simply amazing. It is a face pack that is similar to a bubbly clay mask like texture ,but it isn’t bubbly. It is pink and has a fruity watermelon-y smell. It is perfect for a single use, surprisingly it does carry a lot of product in one tiny pack. Comes in a single pack, set of 3 or 10.

It definitely reduced the appearance of my pores ( I have annoyingly large pores, unfortunately) and evened out my skin tone. It has a pleasant tingly sensation , and is enriched with Vitamin-C and Dragon Fruit. It is very effective for oily and acne prone skin and does not dry out skin either. Trust me you will love it!

half moon

Shop here.

And that is the end of my list for now! I am constantly trying and discovering new products randomly and K-beauty always top my list of affordable yet effective skin care.

Hope you all found this post useful, and let me know what are your favorite K-beauty products in the comments!

Also please share, if you did!



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