The Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Under 100$ (For Him Edition)

Hello All!

Yes!  The most overrated time of the year, Valentine’s day is looming closer and I would like to share my curated list of Valentine’s Gift Guide -exclusively for Men’s gifts in this post ( It is easier shopping for girls isn’t it?) So ladies, I hope this gives you all a good idea.

This would help if you are on the lookout for an inspiration, planning to stick to a budget , or if you just don’t wanna go overboard and still manage to give a thoughtful gift (if not, massages and champagne would work for the most part )

Yes, a majority of these can be found on Amazon (cuz well, hello Amazon Prime), which is perfect for last-minute gifts or just as a browser for basic ideas/inspiration.

Click on the links provided below to shop! Continue to spread the Love and Romance. And last but not the least, spending quality time always makes up for any gift!



The  AHAVA Starter Kit For Men, 0.7 fl. oz. (18$ on Amazon)

This will be a good gift for the guy on the go, someone who travels often. For those of you who don’t know AHAVA is an exclusive brand that creates skin care products using all the goodness and benefits of Dead Sea Minerals. This Kit comes with a Travel Friendly pouch and has a foam-free shaving cream, shaving gel and an exfoliating cleansing gel. Especially if your special someone hasn’t tried this brand yet, then this will be a good way to start.



Clinique Gift Set (43.50$)

A good value for this set – Clinique has some of the best skin care products and this set has a bit of everything. Another set perfect for travel.


Living Proof gift set (29$)

Limited edition set- Who doesn’t like some extra hair volume ? A good gift for both men and women.

Living Proof’s dry volume blast is a cult favorite and it gives amazing results (paraben and sulfate-free)


Jack Black Mr.Big Set (75$)

A limited edition set of the best-selling Jack Black rage of luxury products. The set has a moisturizer, cleanser and beard lube in full sizes.


Bespoke Post Box (55$)

Bespoke Post is a subscription box for men , that has a range of boxes that you can choose from. However a single box can be purchased as well. From grooming to accessories , you can customize the box to your liking. It will be a nice gift to include a variety of curated products , picked and chosen by you for your better half!


The Practical Gift

MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker (37.02$ on Amazon)

A great gift for the espresso lover ,this cute and lightweight espresso maker comes equipped with an espresso cup and scoop. Best part?- Grind your coffee on the go, and it is semi-automatic. You don’t require power to work it!

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 10.54.37 PM

Kikkerland BQ01 Portable BBQ Suitcase, Black (55.99$ on Amazon)

A convenient portable grill for the BBQ lover, it can accommodate cooking for two people and is easy to use. How about a camping trip for two?

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 11.07.39 PM

Wooden Folding Book Light (29.99$ on Amazon)

A table lamp masked as a book. Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? Perfect for anyone from a book lover who can read anywhere and everywhere , to someone who would like a cool compact table lamp to haul around.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 11.10.05 PM

Amazon Kindle E-Reader (80$ on Amazon )

This is a no-brainer for the voracious reader. If you have been wanting to gift this to your special someone , then this one is a good deal. You can’t go wrong with it.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 11.27.27 PM

Philips Norelco Beard trimmer Series 7200 (49.95$ on Amazon )

20 built -in settings and an integrated vacuum to catch 90% of fallen hair strands. It’s a win- win.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 11.50.36 PM
JUMP Cable 2 In-1 Charging Cable & Battery Booster  (29.99$ for slate)

Compatible with most apple products, this power bank is compact and a useful gift. Best Part- It charges itself with auto-charge technology. (Great for people who often forget to charge their power banks -like me)




If you want to stick to the basics , listing a couple of wallet options :

1.Randy RFID Sliding 2-In-1 Wallet (55$)

This model from Fossil comes with 6 Credit Card Slots, 2 Slide Pockets and 1 Bill Compartment. Side benefit-RFID lining, thus easy to track


2. Derrick RFID Flip ID Bifold (45$)

A fossil bestseller-this is a Bi-fold option to the sliding wallet, with RFID lining that helps protect Credit and Debit cards from unwarranted Scanning-Practical and Minimal.


3. Ted Baker Mixdup Leather Wallet (56.98$)

If rich leather, understated and masculine sounds like the perfect gift to you, then this is the way to go. Currently 40% off on  Nordstrom! ( 95$ Value)



Jack Multifunction Leather Strap Watch (92.49$)

This watch is currently on sale on Nordstrom (185$ value) and is unique piece and has a multi-function. It has a practical leather strap and will stand out with most outfits.



BOSS Fleming Reversible Leather Belt (69.90$)

A Classic yet modern and versatile piece. I love reversible, 2 in 1 gifts ,since you get two for 1!


For the Fragrance lover

If your man is all about the fragrance , then these set of gifts will be a good option to start-

Woods Candle (22.50$)

Claims to be a ‘masculine’ candle , with a range of musky scents and leather packaging. I love the Woods and Cabin scent.


Jo Malone Fragrance (65$ for 1 oz.)

Jo Malone London is a very versatile brand and they have the most unique scents. You can never go wrong with any of their scents and they have a wide range to choose from too. I would buy the entire range if I could afford it! Their candles and body care products are a good pick too. The 1 oz. bottles are under 100$ and would last at least a few months , if used daily.

My picks:

Personalized gifts

Soy Candle Gift Set (23$)

Aromatic candles that can be personalized with a message!  Warm gift with a warm message , eh?


Personalized Boxer Set  (24.95$)

Ok, so you think you need some good loving, and since you have already given him the PS4 for his birthday -you wanna take cheesy up a notch this Valentine’s? Let his boxers speak for it. (hey I’m covering all the bases here)

Personalized Message Box (12$)

This cute little box comes customized with your messages – an option of using 20-30 personalized cards explaining reasons why you love him. You can mix it up with cheesy, funny and romantic!


RFID Passport Case (38$)

Personalized passport case – A lets take more trips together incentive! Plus ,you get to emboss this for free.


Personalized Rubiks Cube (22.49$)

A unique and cute gift, can be personalized to add couple’s photo and a message. It is fun and quirky alternative to a photo frame.


Photo Puzzle  (12.79$)

Another unique way to use display your awesome couple pictures-using unassembled puzzle pieces( that can be put together , duh)




Clothing is tricky and corresponds to everyone’s personal taste and preference. However choosing classic timeless pieces, will be more useful. Including some ideas , some of which are currently on sale.

Vince Camuto Peacoat (78.90$)

A Vince Camuto classic -Tailored fit and water-resistant. A timeless piece and another good way to his heart.


Cashmere Crewneck Sweater (88$)

A versatile addition to any wardrobe- and in crimson shade would be a warm perfect valentine gift for the fashion savvy!


Valentines Day Tie (55$ on Ties.com)

If you are in the mood for something cute, playful and a little bit cheesy , then this Valentine’s day tie is the perfect one! It is super cute and comes with two color options (one in pink as well!) Let your man flaunt this style!

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 11.31.20 PM

And as a bonus – you can mix it up with these dotted cufflinks for  3$!

Small Hearts Boxers (11.50$)

This one is a no-brainer , go for it! (There is a pink colored option as well, to pile on the valentine spirit)


Gingham Wrinkle-Free shirt (48.50$)

Wrinkle- free dress shirt, slim fit, versatile and looks cute, need I say more?


Reversible Pullover  (66.66$)

A key layering piece, and a general favorite amongst men. And plus reversible pieces are  a good investment.



Me Without You (6.77$ ,Hardcover)

The New York Times Best-Selling book, mimics illustrations similar to the Happiness Page on Facebook. It has a series of romantic and cute illustrations that can turn anyone into a pile of mush- no better way to say I love You!



And that is the end of what I hope was a long and useful list! You can get the drift , right? I have tried to include as much as I can, based on a general idea. The links provided should help you dig and browse further for more inspiration!


I hope you all enjoy this Valentine’s Day with some extra love and hugs from all your loved ones !(including some time for self-love and pampering)

I will be following up this post with a guide for women’s gift as well. Let me know in the comments below, if that is something you would like to see!




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