5 Life Mantras that get me through each day

Let me be honest- I am primarily a skeptical, cynical person. Being positive and looking at the brighter side of things, is something that I need to constantly remind myself and practice consciously.

Nevertheless I do believe in certain things and constantly try to self motivate myself and also get inspired from people around me.

Just felt like sharing some everyday philosophy that I try to live by. It is easy to question our life choices while being caught up in the daily chaos , right?

1. There is no such thing as too many failures

You learn and learn and learn. Being independent comes with dealing with a lot of responsibilities and making decisions on your own. You fall a dozen times ,right into rock bottom , and still search for the strength to pick yourself up. And I often question myself , how? It is a constant effort. How does one get through it? There is no single answer. It is important to know and embrace that there will be days where you are not feeling fine and simply want to give up. Somehow each experience is unique from the rest, and however clichéd it may seem, we need to constantly learn from our mistakes and grow from them. And hopefully figure out a way to turn it into our strengths. (Or else, just bury it under some tiramisu and wine, that is actually what I do)

2. Patience, and a whole lot of patience

Constantly learning to be resilient, sometimes the hard way. Yes, good things do happen over time and it doesn’t have to be a miracle. Setting smaller goals each day, makes life less daunting, and less disappointing. Key is to try to do one thing each day that makes me happy.

3. Finding time to Unwind

Unwinding, self-love, power -off mode, or a much-needed mental break. After you are done being 21 and over the alcohol frenzy , spending some time with yourself is equally important , as spending time with loved ones. Be it watching my favorite show by myself bubble bath or  any of my favorite hobbies-squeezing in time with self helps with de-stressing for me. Definitely helps me stay sane (for the most part).

4. Gratitude for the present

Yea counting your blessings and all, but doesn’t have to be every single day. Sometimes it is what it is. It is just about being your own cheerleader, simply knowing and appreciating what you have learnt from your experiences and welcoming the new you. Also, spending more quality time with loved ones.

There have been so many days where the sun never shone to make enough hay, it can get tiring. The past 2 years have had many life turning moments that have taught me over and over again that just like change, gratitude must be constant. After all , there is nothing more precious than time well spent, and gracious than embracing each day as it comes.

5. Challenging Myself

Thinking of doing one thing that is out of my comfort zone, anything that I haven’t tried before , even if it seems small and insignificant. (And basically binge watching a lot of shows!)


What are yours? Comment below!

Have a Happy Weekend!





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