Apps that let you reap rewards and earn money

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If you aren’t already glued to your mobile phones or laptops enough , then here are some more (interesting ) ways to continue to do so while earning cash/rewards.

It is probably no mystery to a vast majority of people, that it is possible to earn some quick cash or rewards by simply doing surveys or shopping or just using search engines. All that it requires is a whole of patience, at least 30 mins of your time per day , and using several sources , not just one, to increase the flow of rewards you earn.

I have fallen victim to this recently, and have tried a few apps that has helped me earn rewards and convert it to cash as well. From people who want to shop online a lot, to those who just love to play games- this would be a good way to do it.

Hence I am just sharing my picks for apps that particularly use surveys and online shopping as incentives (cuz , well, that’s pretty much what I would be into):

1. Swagbucks 

This App has been listed in soooo many blogs or sites that I had come across. This app has plenty of ways to earn rewards and is versatile that way, which is what I like about it. All you need is to create a profile and can log onto  their website or simply use the App. Swagbucks lets you earn by :

  • Surveys

There are Surveys available called as ‘Gold’ Surveys that range from 10 mins to 30 mins depending on your profile match (and luck ).Or you can answer day-to-day polls and earn in SBs. SB or Swagbucks can be then redeemed for rewards or cash via PayPal. Disclaimer : This is a bit of a trial and error and a lot of surveys may not be a good match. But you still do get close to 1SB for each try. (Tip: 1000 SB bonus for referrals, this is not sponsored in any way , it’s just FYI.)

                                                 How it works: $1= 90 Swagbucks

  • Shopping

Swagbucks can be earned by Shopping and can be redeemed as gift cards . You can find big retailers like Walmart, Macys, Amazon etc. Can earn Cashback as well.

  • Search Engine

This app can be used even as simply as a search engine and you can earn SBs for searches you perform (takes a couple of trials ,though) the most easiest part of this App.

  • Games and Videos

Rewards can be earned by playing games and watching videos on the site or App as well. Earn as much as 4SB per video.

Additionally Swagbuck codes are sent as notifications and can be found on their Fb page, blog or Twitter. Quick way to earn some SBs.

Sign Up here.

2. Google Opinion Rewards

If you love giving opinions in exchange for Google Play Credits, then this App is a good fit. Rewards can be used as Google Play credits, which in turn can be redeemed for Android apps, Music, Books, Magazines, or Movies ad everything else in the Google Play Store. Google Rewards , is in a nutshell , an opinion based survey which earns up to 1$ per survey, redeemable via PayPal. Google notifies the user when surveys are available.

3. E-Rewards

This app lets you can earn cash from taking multiple surveys. You may also receive e-mails from their various partner sites such as American Airlines, to join E-rewards.The surveys range from 0.25 cents onward and are typically most Surveys range from 10-20 mins. Rewards are redeemable in the form of various gift cards. However, there are only a limited number of gift cards that are made available to the User , depending on the profile created. So check carefully and make sure to set your preferences accordingly, while setting up the profile, as there is no going back once it has been created.

E-rewards notifies the User when surveys are available. I personally find this app more consistent and  dependable with respect to Surveys, and compared to Swagbucks.

4. QuickThoughts

Another Opinion based app ,allows you to take surveys on the QuickThoughts app  and earn points in return , to redeem for gift codes (Minimum 10$ ) and gift cards, like iTunes and Amazon. Each survey is 1$. It also has another cool feature where you can perform location-based actions, depending on where your location is , to redeem points. Drawback ? No referral bonus.

5. VoxPopMe

This is a unique App, where you give your opinions on a video type survey. Sound cool?

How it works –

Once you view a Video survey on the app, you will be able to see exactly what you need to answer, how much it pays, and your rights as a user.

If you are comfortable with responding and deem the survey a good fit, you can then record your video in response-Make sure the clarity is good and understandable. Once the video is accepted, typically within a few hours, points are added. This way you earn bucks and once you hit the minimum of 15$, the cash can be redeemed via PayPal. It is pretty straightforward and is good if you are bored with normal surveys and don’t mind uploading your videos as response. It is a pretty safe and legitimate site.

Referral bonus is upto 1$ per video, after the other person uploads a video.

Sign up here.

6. E-bates

The most popular and hands-down my most favorite way of earning some extra cash!! For anyone who loves online shopping this is the best way to earn cashback. E-bates is an online Rebate program , where you earn cashback from shopping. It has an impressive cashback on literally every shopping you do, is very easy to use and user receives checks quarterly as per the cashback amount earned in that period.

So basically you get paid to shop and earn cash back via the links provided. E-bates constantly updates the User via e-mail , with links to shop from , sales , promo codes and discounts. It is simple and has no hidden fees or loopholes-just online shopping.

And that is the end of my list , for now! I am still discovering new apps and ways to earn rewards online. Let me know in the comments below, if you have any favorites or suggestions.

Happy Rewards earning!





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