My Prologue

Hello Readers!

This is my first ever blog post and thank for you for reading this , if you are.

As I was nervous and re-thinking my decision to start this blog, I decided to suck it up and keep this simple to begin with.

Ever since I was a kid, I loved exploring nooks and corners and digging up things from old trunks and wreaking havoc on innocent cats( I was known to be naughty).As I grew up and started to mellow down , that still didn’t stop me from being curious and it has turned me into a product , clothes and material junkie.

And being one amongst a billion other struggling adults,  I want to use this platform as a creative outlet to be able to share my views from things around me, mistakes I have made, reviews , deals I find, and random ramblings amongst other things- as a repository of my thoughts.

‘Lavishly faux’  is an extension of my personality, my  views, reviews, things I find useful and want to share and aim to be a hoarder’ s guide to a budget lifestyle.

And hopefully,  make a useful attempt at re-discovering myself  , while combining it all under my love for writing and sharing light humor.

Here are 10 things about me, as a peek  into my personality:

  1. I am technically a Virgo,  but have very few typical (and admirable) personality traits of one. I am not a perfectionist or a total control freak as Virgos are universally described, but  I am shy and extremely loyal, and can be critical as well.
  2. I love and enjoy reading! (but far from a nerd) ,be it fiction novels, magazines, blogs, comic strips etc.  My love for reading bloomed at the age of 5, with the Enid Blyton series of fiction (I am a 90s kid), and my love for reading has kept growing ever since.
  3. I love being creative. I started learning art and drawing ever since I was a kid and constantly love doing random artwork and crafts, whenever I can find the time.
  4. Dancing is my stress buster and another love of mine (along with perfumes and aromatherapy in general )
  5. I am a messy person and I admire people who can stay super organized (a huge task for me!)
  6. I am more comfortable texting than talking (Introvert alert), and hence I don’t consider myself a great conversation starter.
  7. I enjoy rom-coms, thrillers and horror movies!
  8. I am a bit of a wuss when it comes to fast-moving motorcycles, and amusement park rides.
  9. I love dressing up (like most girls do), although I was a bit of a tomboy as a kid! my personal style swings from experimental to being basic AF.
  10. I hate math with a vengeance.

So yes, welcome to my world ! I don’t claim to be an expert in anything yet, but hopefully will be able to share things that you all can connect with on some level. I will appreciate all the support and love you can give , so please feel free to leave your feedback, comments and questions.



More,coming soon..

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